3 Tips To Reduce Your Exposure To Sawdust

Keeping exposure to sawdust to a minimum is a goal that many of us share.

Simply vacuuming it up or sweeping it out of the workshop after each session is a good idea.

When saw dust is produced during work I think there are three main ways to minimise the chance of breathing it in.

1 Have an air filtration system fitted to your workshop.

These will often collect the really tiny particles between 1 to 3 microns in size, which it is important to keep out of your workshop.

2 Have a dust collector as near to the source of the dust creation, fitted to your machine, to collect the dust as soon as it is produced.

3 Have a good dust mask that is comfortable to wear and causes as little fogging as possible to any goggles you may be wearing.

If you can successfully combine all three of these, then I think you will considerably reduce your exposure to dust.

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