Amazing Quality Of Scroll Saw Work

Scroll sawing as a hobby has become very popular over the years.

This is not surprising as woodworking is well established in the U.S.

I think a good reason for this is that there were plentiful supplies of wood here and people made things they needed from wood and so the woodworking skills have been learnt and handed down through the generations.

Woodworkers often became so good that they could find their products became desirable and they could sell things they made to others, so craft businesses often sprang up.

The scrollsawers of today have developed amazing skills that their forebears would be proud of.

From intricate boxes to castles and Christmas decorations, there seems to be no limit to the skills of these modern day craftsmen and women.

If you have a look on Youtube for instance you will be amazed at the quality of work that is being produced and the help that scrollsawers will give to others to help them.

Here is one I particularly like – a scroll saw shell on Youtube

There are plenty more like this!

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