Best Scroll Saws – Dewalt DW788 20 Inch Scroll Saw – The Ultimate Scroll Saw

Best Scroll Saws – Dewalt DW788 20 Inch Scroll Saw – The Ultimate Scroll Saw

DEWALT DW788 20 Inch Scroll Saw is a high quality that functions to its best because of its classic features. It is excellent and has a good reputation for reliability hence one of the best scroll saws that will guarantee you quality and long term service.

The scroll saw does not cause noise pollution because it comes with a dual parallel link arm that is for minimizing both noise and vibration.

It is also the best for inside cuts. This is because the scroll saw has the arm lifts that allows the blade to thread through the material with a lot of ease hence ensuring quick and perfect inner cuts.

It features high quality features that greatly boost its operation. Some of these include:

The dual parallel link arm design

This is one of the best features of the scroll saw that makes it very suitable for cutting.

This is designed in a better way that enables the machine to cut accurately without making any noise. This makes the machine very environmentally friendly. Besides this, the scroll saw minimizes vibration on the user.

The user will therefore feel very comfortable while operating the machine. This is probably the world’s best scroll saw for quality and reliable service.

Variable electronic speeds

The saw comes with different speeds that enables you to perform all tasks at the speed you like. Through this, it has been able to carry out both hard and soft cuttings in the shortest time possible.

This makes it a very reliable and convenient scroll saw.

The Best Arm Lifts.

It also features the best arm lifts that ensure inside cutting accuracy you will definitely love. The arm lifts are responsible for allowing the blade to smoothly negotiate through the material being cut. Through this, it guarantees accuracy.

You can easily find this machine online for quality service. Make your order today and you will be amazed by the great service you will be provided with.

Exclusive Tool Free Blade

DEWALT DW788 Scroll Saw has an exclusive tool free blade that makes it function even better.

This is because it enables the blade to change just in seconds. This will helps to guarantee high quality and reliable service. You can always change the blade without wasting any single minute during your working hours.


The scroll saw is very ergonomic because of its high quality features. It saves on power as it has both on and off switches. These enables you switch off the machine when not in use and is very elementary to start.

It also has a flexible dust blower that ensures that the user does not get dirty.

It blows the dust in any required direction and this also ensures that the machine is always clean. The scroll saw also has the arm design pivots that ensures a smoother and quiet operation.

Pocket friendly price

Despite its high quality features, it is very competitively priced and  comes with free shipping.

Make your order today and you will receive it just in less than 24 hours

I would rate the DEWALT DW788 20 Inch Scroll Saw the world’s best scroll saw that has the best features for reliability and quality.

This is the ultimate scroll saw.

Scroll Saw Reviews

At the time of writing there are 310 reviews on Amazon with a score of 4.3 out of 5.

One happy customer states that he liked the fact that there was virtually no vibration and that there was such a smooth operation and the fact that blades could be replaced so quickly, which is helpful if you are working on a large project.

Another loved its ability to deliver fine detail especially with small cuts and edges.

His only complaint was that the material hold down was not up to the standard he expected, although he said he found it worked very well without utilising this component at all. He liked its quietness and found it super easy to use and would recommend it to beginners or experienced users.

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