Best Scroll Saws – HEGNER 22″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

Best Scroll Saws – HEGNER 22″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

If you have ever done any noteworthy research about scroll saws, then you would have encountered the name Hegner at some point.

The majority of individuals that have utilized Hegner saws will attest to the impressive capabilities they bring to the table, many such saws proving effective even after a decade of work.

The following points note some of the benefits of the Hegner scrow saw brand.

With a long list of features and an impressive display in most scenarios, Hegner is your dream scroll saw brand.

The HEGNER 22″  Variable Speed Scroll saw includes the following points below:

There are a litany of factors responsible for driving the popularity behind Hegner saws, this including the easy blade installation process, quiet operations and durable blade; and Hegner’s 22 inch Variable speed Scroll  saw continues to uphold the Hegner name in delivering an operational capacity capable of contending with projects of all sizes.

There is a lot to admire about the HEGNER 22” Variable -Speed Scroll-saw , this including:

  • A blade that is very easy to remove as a result of the special Quicklock tension release system.


  • One is also likely to appreciate the electronic Variable speed induction motor; with an RPM ranging from 400 to 1700, the device should be able to adjust to the requirements of different materials, delivering perfect cuts in all scenarios; as with every Hegner saw you will not encounter problems with the blade installation process system.


  • The durability of-HEGNER 22”-Variable -Speed Scroll-saw is such that the blade will keep cutting as though it were brand new even after a decade of work; and that isn’t even taking into account the amazing control one has over the cutting process.


  • Also you need not worry about disturbing the neighbors with your work. Hegner’s scroll saw is pretty quiet, making for comfortable and non disruptive projects.

Along with accurate cutting and reliability unsurpassed by any of Hegner’s rivals, one would be hard pressed to locate a scroll saw capable of delivering a performance as impressive as the -HEGNER 22”-Variable -Speed Scroll-saw

But it isn’t merely the smooth edges (which do not require sanding) that make this scroll saw such a delightful tool; additional offerings such as the dual-tilt slotted table make this device ideal for most situations.

When you combine the scroll saw’s superb features, from the quicklock tension system to the electronic -Variable-speed -induction motor, fans of Hegner can expect a highly precise machine capable of delivering reliable results.


Hegner’s 22″-Variable-speed-scroll-saw brings a number of benefits to the table, many of which a responsible for the surge in popularity that the device is experiencing, these including the following:

The scroll saw is widely applicable, capable of delivering the best results with projects of all types and sizes.

The saw is considerably precise, promising the most reliable of outcomes in some really difficult situations.

The scroll is comfortable and easy to operate

The durability of the blade, and the reliability and quality of this scroll saw enables it to compete favourably with many of its rivals.

If there have been complaints about this saw, they have mostly revolved around the issue of price.

But, considering the results this machine can deliver, any professional should understand the value they are acquiring for their money and as such it must rate as one of the best scroll saws available.

At the time of writing there is one review of 5 stars on

The customer says it is important to have a good solid base to avoid vibration but with a good base this and any noise is reduced to a non-factor.

What he really liked about it is the simplicity of the engineering saying that this always makes a machine better.

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