Free Scroll Saw Patterns And Templates

Free Scroll Saw Patterns And Templates

A scroll saw pattern is where every scroll saw project starts.

Before I go in to a bit more detail about scroll saw patterns – I think it is a good to mention that your work will benefit immensely from using a good scroll saw blade.

There is more information on choosing a good scroll blade saw HERE.

O.K. so back to the free scroll saw patterns and templates:

Some of these can cost a few dollars – and I think you will find they are well worth the money as it is always good to have something to refer to when you are working on a project.

Its not much fun being half way through a job and not being quite sure what to do next – so from my own experience I always like to have a nice clear plan in front of me before I start my scroll saw project.

Here are two sites that I have found very useful and they all have free scroll saw projects listed which will help to save you money.


Both these sites have animals, clocks, birds figures and plenty of other templates and plans that will help you.

Both these sites have animals, clocks, birds figures and plenty of other templates and plans that will help you.

The sites above are brilliant for finding patterns and templates on a wide range of subjects.

Another site I have found even more useful is Steve Good’s website, if you look here you will find the templates he kindly makes available:

What I particularly like about Steve’s site is that he gives you very clear instructions on how to make your project from the template once you have printed it out (about four or five pages of instructions) with a nice photo of the finished item.

Steve’s website includes the largest collection of scroll saw templates I have seen with about forty different categories and probably ten to twenty different templates in each category – so a total of around eight hundred patterns and template – completely free!

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Download Free Scroll Patterns to your desktop HERE

Or Here:


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