Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

This saw is one of the best there is in the market.

It gets the job done as it is smooth, easily usable and cuts well. It is the type of machine that would easily meet all your needs.

One of the reasons why many choose this saw over others is because of its affordable price.

This saw can operate using either the plain or the pinned blades.

The plain blades will require an adapter to work, but a buyer shouldn’t worry about spending extra bucks to buy an adapter because it comes with one. Its price is quite affordable as most of the saws with such features are in the high-end bracket.

Customers who have bought this machine shouldn’t worry about the condition of its delivery because it is always delivered in an excellent condition as it is very well packaged. It comes with a handbook that is easy to read and understand.


Its features include; Pin blades or plain blades, has maximum cutting thickness of around 2 inches, quick and easy blade changes. The machine also comes with one amplifier with 1/8HP, a dust port and a dust blower as well. It works with 110volts and has a 60Hz monitor.


This saw has an impressive performance because it is powered by 1/8HP with one amplifier and has a 550 to 1700 SPM no load speed.

These features also ensure that the saw has enough power to cut through the hardest of woods at an incredible speed.

It is also quite stable meaning it doesn’t vibrate. The fact that it doesn’t shake means that it is quite safe to use, and its users are less prone to injury.

It also means the chances of having poor project works are eliminated. This machine has a maximum cutting thickness of 2 inches and a maximum cutting width of 16 inches ensuring that one will be able to have very precise and clean cuts.

It is also quite convenient. It weighs around 38 pounds meaning that one can carry it around quite quickly and easily.

It is also compact in appearance and has an appealing look. The paint job is impressive as it enhances its appearance. It comes with a light feature meaning the users can easily use the product in the dark or at night.

The dust port and dust blower are useful features because the fan ensures the user clearly sees where he or she is cutting through hence more accurate cuts.

The fan also blows away any particles that can easily cause health complications. It is quite durable because it is made of steel and cast iron with only one part made of plastic.

This saw has a lock knob for safety purposes, and it also comes with a variable speed control. It can make fast and tight turns. Users of this saw don’t have to mount it on any surface as it is quite stable irrespective of the speed that one uses.

However, the downside is that changing the blades isn’t quite straightforward but once one masters it, it becomes quite easy.

This saw is highly recommended for its features and its incredible price.

Amazon Reviews

This scrollsaw has an Amazon Rating of 4 out of 5 Stars.

There are 67 Reviews

One reviewer was a professional furniture maker and needed a scroll saw. He considers the ShopFox a great machine as it cuts through white oak easily and there is no vibration, which can be one of the bugbears of a scrollsaw

Another considers this one of the best scrollsaws he has had as it works so well and although he chose this scrollsaw because of the competitive price, he ranks it as highly as some of the much more costly scrollsaws.

One review did not like the fact that the table was painted but considers it a good entry level saw.

Overall it is considered a very good scrollsaw.





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