The Benefits Of Using A Scroll Saw

The Benefits Of Using A Scroll Saw

The scroll saw is actually an electric powered saw that has ability to cut and make the interior cut outs in the wood and any other materials.

The functioning of a scroll saw is much like the hand held fretsaw but it cuts more accurate and much faster than the hand operated machine.

The saw has powerful motor with varying speed controls and designed double parallel-link arm that makes the scroll saw very quiet and nearly vibration free.

When it is vibration free, it enables the operator or user to cut more easily and accurately. The arm of the saw is uniquely designed to keep the cutting blade perpendicular into the working surface that helps to avoid under or over or cutting.

The saw has a speed control, handy up tensioning lever, tool-free blade and off-on switch, clamps and cast iron table which bevel 45-degrees right or left for an added versatility.

The saw also has an optional unit and may be mounted on the workbench.

The Main Benefits Of Using A Scroll Saw

The Scroll saw is one of the machines with a lot of advantage over other sawing machines. Some of these advantages include the following;

  • Although scroll saw has got a cutting capacity that is small, the saw has features like variable speed motor that has up front controls, unique power to rotate blade in order to accommodate more work and tilting table.


  • It also includes disc sander and the saw accepts the attachment of flex shaft to add over 150 rotary tool accessories.


  • A scroll saw is best because it has ability to cut very intricate patterns with a small radius curves and make same close and small radius cuts inside the design and around the perimeters.


  • It can also cut with blades which are thin and small to thread through a 1/32″ hole. As you saw with the blades the small and delicate fretwork may be created with smooth edges that require virtually no sanding.


  • Simply put it produces clean and smooth cuts which require little sanding.


  • It enables very fine and attractive pieces of work to be produced to a high standard.


  • Scroll saws also produce little kerf which is very important when cutting the jigsaw puzzles and during segmentation and intarsia projects.


  • The scroll saw offers a way into a relaxing and a rewarding hobby, with additional income. A scroll saw is cost effective and simple to operate.

Differences Between A Scroll Saw And A Band Saw

•A band saw can be able to finish outside cuts on different patterns but it cannot make some interior isolated cuts.


  • A scroll saw os able to do some interior cuts but sometimes it is restricted to those curves with much wider and minimum radius.


  • The blade of the band saw is a continuous loop with thin oblong blade which fits and rotates around the two wheels which spin in same direction.


  • On the hand, scroll saw works more similarly to the seriously juiced up jigsaw; the blade of scroll saw is short and straight and cuts with a reciprocating and accelerated up and down action.


  • The scroll saw is actually effective in cutting a variety of materials as the band saw cuts with less intensity and is more limited in the materials you can work with.

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